Frequently Asked Questions

What is America at Home?
America at Home is one of the largest collaborative photography projects ever produced. During the week of September 17th to 23rd, 2007, the America at Home project hosted submissions from thousands of amateur participants and 100 of the nation's leading photojournalists on the essence of home - the distinctive rituals, ceremonies, traditions, intimate moments that make our house our home.
An international team of leading magazine and newspaper photo editors will review the images to create a photo book that will capture the "emotions of home." The best images will be woven together with essays from leading writers in a unique and evocative book, a website and exhibition.
Who is organizing the America at Home project?
America at Home is the latest project from Rick Smolan and Jennifer Erwitt, founders of Against All Odds Productions, which specializes in the design and execution of large-scale global photographic projects that combine compelling story-telling with state-of-the-art technology. Smolan is a former Time, Life and National Geographic photographer, best known as the creator of the Day in the Life book series. Many of Smolan and Erwitt's books have appeared on the New York Times best-seller lists and have appeared on the covers of Time, Newsweek and Fortune. Their projects include: 24 Hours in Cyberspace, One Digital Day, Passage to Vietnam, From Alice to Ocean, The Power to Heal, and America 24/7. Fortune Magazine featured Against All Odds Productions as "One of the coolest companies in America."
Why are their company names listed as sponsors of America at Home?
To make a project the size and scope of America at Home possible, Against All Odds Productions invites corporations to provide funding, technology and resources. Much as they do when they underwrite a PBS television series, these companies receive credit associating them with the project. Because Against All Odds Production's projects are journalistic in nature and because the staff is comprised of journalists, corporate marketing partners have no control over how images are used in the project.
Is there one primary corporation making America at Home possible?
IKEA, an innovative company synonymous with the concept of "Home," is the project's strategic partner. In addition to providing funding, IKEA is promoting the project in its stores and extending an invitation to its customers to participate, while simultaneously launching a major new branding campaign entitled, "Home is the Most Important Place in the World."
Which other companies are providing support?
Additional support is being provided by HP's Snapfish, the world's leading online photo printing company. Snapfish is providing image download technology to receive and index the anticipated millions of images. It is also inviting several million Snapfish members to shoot photos for the project.
Google Inc. is taking the unprecedented step of promoting America at Home on the Google Images home page, building an iGoogle Gadget to allow visitors to see submitted photos sorted by zip code and helping engage the online community.
Nikon together with FotoNation have provided a wifi enabled Nikon COOLPIX s51c point and shoot camera to each of the 100 professional photographers working on America at Home. This will enable the photographers to instantly send images wirelessly via email or upload photos to Nikon's new my Picturetown photo sharing and storage site powered by, a highly popular website focused on mothers, is inviting its members to shoot photographs during the weeklong project.
O'Reilly's Digital Media provided photo tips and marketing outreach to the professional photography community. The company's books and online resources apply their expertise in computer technology to the rapidly changing world of creative media.
Can I still submit photos to the project?
We are no longer accepting photo submissions to the America at Home project. The submission period for the week-long event ended Tuesday September 25th.
Upon the book's publication, there will be the opportunity to customize the cover with a photo of your choice. Please wait to submit a photo until this time.
Will I be able to change the photos after I've uploaded them?
No. Please select your photos very carefully before submitting them. Once you've submitted/uploaded your photos, you will not be able to retract them.
How will the photos be used?
Selected photos from the public and from professional photographers will be included in the America at Home book (Spring 2008) and may also appear in other project related media, such as a TV program about the project, the project website, an exhibit or syndication of images.
Who is selecting the images for the books/website/television documentary?
Leading magazine and newspaper editors will serve as the judges to review the submitted images and identify the best ones.
When will I know if my images have been selected?
If your image(s) are selected for the national book, you will be notified by December 15, 2007.
Who owns the rights to my photos after I've submitted them?
You own the copyright to your photos. When you submit pictures to the project, the only rights you grant us are the rights to use your photos specifically in relation to the project.
Will my images be used in advertising?
Your photos will only be used in direct association with the America at Home project. In some cases this may include advertising related to the promotion of the America at Home books, exhibits, TV shows, web sites or project partners. Your pictures will not be used for any activities not directly related to America at Home.
What do I get if one of my pictures is selected?
If one or more of your pictures are selected for use in an America at Home book, you will receive one free copy of the book plus a complimentary custom cover. If your photo is the sole photo selected to appear on the cover of the book, you will receive a one-time payment of US $1,000. Most importantly, if your photographs are published in the book, you will know that you competed with the world's best photojournalists, were judged by some of America's foremost photo editors and that your work was good enough to be included in a project that may one day be considered a piece of American history.
How do I get my own photo on the cover of the book?
Purchasers of the finished book will be able to customize the book's cover to feature their own photo of their own home or family. This innovation was heralded by everyone from Oprah Winfrey to the Wall Street Journal when the custom cover technology launched America 24/7 onto the New York Times best seller lists (21% of all book purchasers personalized their copies with their own photos). Everyone who submits a photo during the project will receive an invitation to put their own digital photo of the book when it is published.
Who can I contact if I have any questions or need help?
Please send email to:

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