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The projects created by Against All Odds Productions generate top-level publicity for themselves and their corporate sponsors. The average Against All Odds project attracts more than 300 million media impressions. America 24/7, for example, was featured in 47 of the nation's 50 top-circulation newspapers as well as on The Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, and Oprah.

Martha Stewart Living

Martha Stewart recommends America at Home as a great Mother's Day gift.

Oprah Winfrey shows her audience how she made her own Custom Covers on her annual Favorite Things program.

CNN Situation Room

CNN's "Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" features AMERICA AT HOME.
The Today Show (NBC)

The Today Show's Ann Curry focuses on AMERICA AT HOME.

BBC News

Rick Smolan is interviewed during the UK AT HOME shoot week on the BBC's midday news program.
BBC Breakfast

Rick Smolan is interviewed during shoot week about UK AT HOME by BBC Morning Show hosts Dermot Murnaghan and Sian Williams.

ABC News

Rick Smolan interviewed on ABC News about AMERICA AT HOME.
TV Coverage of the DAY IN THE LIFE projects

Nearly every major American news organization covered the DAY IN THE LIFE projects. This short clip shows highlights including Barbara Walters and John Stossel on ABC's 2020, Charles Kuralt on CBS, Jane Pauley on NBC's Today Show, Tom Brokaw on the NBC evening news, and Dan Rather on the CBS evening news.

24 Hours in Cyberspace

Ted Koppel's ABC News Nightline, hosted by Forrest Sawyer, sent dozens of film crews around the world and devoted an entire evening to 24 HOURS IN CYBERSPACE.
NBC - The Today Show

The Today Show's Al Roker focuses on AMERICA 24/7.


One Digital Day


A Day in the Life of America


The Power to Heal


A Day in the Life of Japan

U.S. News & World Report

24 Hours in Cyberspace

The New York Times

America 24/7

The Wall Street Journal

America 24/7
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